Home Trends in 2023 and Predictions for 2024

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Every year, our homes transform in different ways - whether it’s a change of carpet to follow the latest carpet trends, new wallpaper, or even the introduction of home decor items, we can change our home aesthetics however we wish. 

Homeowners continuously seek to create spaces that resonate with their personalities and lifestyle choices, and the world of interior trends remains an ever-evolving and ever-changing landscape, and the rise of Scandi Chic is a huge example of allowing new home trends to come through our front doors.

The Pinterest Predicts Report was recently released, and provided valuable insight into what we can expect to see next year. From ‘Cafecore’ to ‘Western Gothic’, Online Carpets have explored the home trends predicted to feature in our homes next year, as well as a roundup of the top interior trends throughout 2023.

Which Home Trends Stood Out In 2023?

Over the years, we see many home trends vanish, but they can always reappear. The three biggest interior trends that Online Carpets and the interior experts think came out of 2023 are:

  • Bobbin
  • One trend that has made its way back into many homes this year is the use of bobbin. This style originated in the 17th century, and was mainly used on furniture legs, and can be described as a ‘turned detailing’ on furniture.

    Sophie Clemson, Director and Co-Founder of The Living House, commented on the use of this trend in 2023, to add to our home aesthetics: “Decorative finishes have been huge this year with accessories and lighting, and the bobbin trend on mirrors and lamps has been very popular. 

    “We don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.”

  • Sustainable Homeware
  • As well as this, 2023 has seen a surge in people searching for more sustainable homeware, with the term ‘sustainable furniture’ having an average monthly search volume of 1000*.

    Nicole Sage, Interior Designer at Sleek Chic, commented on the increase of sustainable homeware in 2023: “Sustainability in interiors has been evolving for a number of years, but we’re seeing it much more in the types of materials people are opting for. 

    “Cork has resurfaced and has become an interesting and unique option for flooring in offices and beyond - It’s an environmentally friendly material and offers super durability and insulation to an interior.”

  • Neutrals
  • Neutral colours are a staple in many homes, and are a popular choice for many home aesthetics. Colours such as beige, cream, and even light brown, are some of the most common flooring colours we see in the modern day, and are one of the most popular flooring trends over many years.

    Clemson echoed the popularity of this flooring choice: “This year we’ve seen a big uplift in neutral beige carpets rather than grey, which have been very popular in recent years. 

    “The natural look has become more popular with people opting for a wool mix carpet rather than synthetic carpet which shows all the hoover lines.”

    Nicole Sage comments: “There has been a real movement towards beiges and taupes over the last year, with wool being a popular and sustainable option for flooring an interior.”

    Which Home Trends Can We Expect To See In 2024?

    We can never know exactly which home trends will make a comeback, but based on Pinterest search data and increased attention from interior designers, we can make some educational guesses.

    The three top home interior trends predicted to enter our homes in 2024 are:

  • Metallics
  • For the year ahead, the Pinterest Predicts Report for 2024 announced that silver tones and chrome materials are making their way into more homes, especially with Gen Z and millennials, to match a more modern style when it comes to our home aesthetics.

    Searches related to metallic home decor have increased, including the terms: aluminium furniture (+45%) and aluminium door design (+70%).

    Sage commented on the use of metallics in our homes: “Mixing metals has always been frowned upon, but it has become a bigger trend in 2023 and can be a great way to add instant visual interest to a room.”

    Sage also gave some top tips on how to incorporate metals into your own home: “The key is to use one dominant finish and intersperse with an additional, complementary finish. 

    “There are some combinations that work better than others, including a polished brass and unlacquered brass finish, polished chrome and brass, and chrome and black nickel, to name just a few.”

  • Western Gothic
  • Another of these predicted home trends that is expected to knock on our doors in 2024 is Western Gothic - a vibe that mixes vintage Americana chic with deep, moody hues.

    An increase of searches related to this aesthetic include: western bedding ideas (+310%), western gothic (+145%), and country room ideas (+125%).

    Sage comments: “The last few years have been heavily centred around neutrals and beiges, but these darker colours and more striking designs are being seen throughout our interior design choices. 

    “We’re moving away from those typical grey veins that have been hugely popular in marble choices for kitchens and bathrooms, with more dramatic marble taking its place with brown and gold veined marble which is perfect for pairing with a rich, warmer colour palette.”

  • Cafecore
  • Finally, ‘cafecore’ is set to be some major inspiration for our home interiors in 2024, with searches increasing for coffee bar styling (+1,125%), coffee station decor (+145%), and chalk sign ideas (+100%).

    Cafecore incorporates a few different elements, from simple beige tones, to elements of nature, such as vines or potted plants.

    Clemson commented: “Using nature for inspiration and bringing the outside has been a top trend for this year. 

    “People look to use natural elements within their home such as jute rugs, woven baskets, rattan armchairs and bamboo lighting.”

    With the likelihood of cafecore appearing in many homes, we may have already started to see some aspects of this in our home interiors, as noted by Clemson: “We expect to see neutral shades of carpet continuing through to 2024, as neutral and textured interiors are a firm favourite for a warm and cosy home.

    “For bathroom flooring, we expect earthy coloured terrazzo tiles to be on trend and a way to add an interesting pop of colour.”