Cosy Up – Rug Inspiration for Every Room

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The humble rug can make a massive difference to a space, providing instant warmth and character without any major upheavals. It can draw the eye with bold patterns and designs or complement a décor with soft and neutral shades.

Rugs are ideal for where there isn’t carpeting but you still want a touch more comfort underfoot or something to bring the room together (like rooms with vinyl or wood flooring). But sometimes you need a little inspiration for a space and an understanding of what will work best with it, and we are here to help with our handy rug inspiration.

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Décor

Selecting the right rug for your interior design tastes can be a skill in itself, as knowing what will and won’t match your style can be tricky. However, there are some tips and tricks that may help you in this process.

For example, softer tones and shades can be great in a room where you want the accessories and decoration to really shine, so if you have a bold and busy room with lots of ornamentation or striking furniture, you may favour a neutral rug so that it doesn’t draw too much attention away or add to the business of your aesthetic.

Alternatively, if you have a pared-back, minimalist style, then a bold patterned rug can draw the eye and add a touch of interest to a room.

Rugs for Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Bedrooms and living rooms are where you go to relax throughout the day and need to give off a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A really simple way of doing this is with a large rug that covers a good portion of the floor to provide that snug feel when walking around. A great way to get this effect is with a shaggy pile rug.

Shaggy pile rugs are the definition of luxury and softness, with their long fibres that feel like walking on clouds. They add a touch of opulence to any room, with their added warmth and inviting appeal, giving you brilliant underfoot comfort and acting as a talking point.

Hallway Rugs

Hallways are an often-neglected space and can be spruced up so easily with some thoughtful accessorising. A small rug that lends itself to the décor of the adjoining rooms can help connect these areas without too much decoration. However, being high-traffic areas, you’ll need something a little more durable and robust to cope with the extra footfall.

Twist pile rugs are a great option as a hallway rug as they are renowned for their remarkable durability and capacity to endure substantial foot traffic, all the while retaining their luxurious softness. The densely woven fibres alleviate concerns about unsightly shadows or footprints, and with a diverse selection of patterns and colours available, there are many choices to suit your preferences.

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