Guide to door bars / Threshold bars and profile trims

Which door bar/threshold bar should you use for your flooring?

Here’s a quick guide to door bars and their uses. Door bars can be used to join carpets to hard floors, carpets to carpets, or hard floors to hard floors, in fact, in any combination, to achieve a stylish and seamless transition between rooms.

It’s the small details that really add that finishing touch to a room, which is why our door bars are available in a range of colours, and styles.

Our door bars are available in aluminium, gold and wood effect finishes, in either 0.9m or 2.7m sizes (approximately 3ft and 9ft) and can easily be trimmed to fit any threshold size. You can choose between a standard, or a premium finish, with brushed nickel and chrome styles available to really give your thresholds that added wow factor. Or, if fitting Laminate flooring, there are wood-style door bars and profiles to colourmatch your flooring.
Plus, there are carpet adhesive and vinyl adhesive options available, for when normal fixings can’t be used.


Door bar types and their uses

Double/dual edge door bar

For joining carpet to carpet in the threshold between two rooms (3ft and extra wide fit available).

Single edged

Used for joining carpet to vinyl or other hard surfaces with a neat, tapered-edge finish.


Flat door bar /coverstrip

For joining almost any type of flooring of equal height, but most commonly used for joining vinyl flooring.

Zed door bar

Provides a neat transition between laminate/hard flooring and adjacent stretch carpet installation and provides a seamless finish with no visible fixings.


Ramp door bar

For joining flooring of two different flooring heights between rooms with no visible fixings as adhesive is used. Suitable for height differences from 6 - 12mm.

Ramp and T-bar profile door bars

For use with laminate flooring. Available with either a T-bar profile, for joining laminate to laminate, or wood flooring, or with a ramp profile for joining laminate to vinyl flooring, or carpet, or as an end profile.


Wood effect profile/door bar 4 in 1

A wood effect profile/door bar, with a wide range of colours that will match any laminate, vinyl, or wood flooring. Its innovative 4 in 1 design means it can be adapted, with its inclusive cutting tool and used to bridge two floors of the same height, or two different heights, as well as to go from laminate to carpet, or be used as an end profile to walls and windows.