Free Samples

Available on Carpets, Vinyl Flooring and Artificial Grass!

See the colour and quality of your future flooring in natural lighting, before placing an order.

We know that sometimes when ordering online, getting the exact colour match can be difficult. This is why we provide a free sample service, helping you to choose the perfect flooring.

Once you receive your samples, they are yours to keep and could come in handy when decorating the rest of your home.

Ordering a sample is easy.

  • Browse our website until you find the flooring that you like.Free Samples
  • Click the Free Sample button and complete your sample order at the Checkout In most cases samples should arrive within 2-3 working days of order.

Still Undecided?

If you receive your samples and would still like to see some different options, please request some more samples by clicking on the individual products.

We are always happy to send you more samples, to guarantee you get the perfect flooring for your home.

Our dedicated product photographer prepares each photo on our website, helping to ensure that the colour shown online is as accurate as possible.

We always recommend ordering a sample, as the colour online can vary from screen to screen, and we always photograph our products using white light, whereas standard room lighting is yellow.