Balterio True Matching Beading for Grande Wide Laminate Flooring

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  • Citadelle Oak 091Citadelle Oak 091
  • Linnen Oak 082Linnen Oak 082
  • Classic Oak 095Classic Oak 095
  • Bright Oak 090Bright Oak 090
  • Venn Oak 093Venn Oak 093
  • Seashell Oak 083Seashell Oak 083
  • Sienna Oak 092Sienna Oak 092
  • Bourbon Oak 094Bourbon Oak 094
  • Citadelle Oak 091
  • Linnen Oak 082
  • Classic Oak 095
  • Bright Oak 090
  • Venn Oak 093
  • Seashell Oak 083
  • Sienna Oak 092
  • Bourbon Oak 094


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The Balterio True Matching Scotia Beading for Grande Wide Laminate Flooring makes it easy to match your laminate and beading, just look for the same colour name and number!

Laminate beading is a attractive and practical way to give your laminate a professional finishing touch. Laminate contracts and expands as the temperature changes, so it need an expansion gap to prevent it from being damaged by this movement. Laminate beading sits over the expansion gap giving your laminate a professional wall to wall look.

The Balterio True Matching Scotia Beading comes in packs of 6 lengths, each length is 19mm thick and 2.4m long, the lengths can be cut down or used with each other to fit your rooms size.

This range has been designed as a colour match to the Grande Wide Balterio Laminate Flooring range.


  • Thickness 19mm Approx
  • Manufacturer Balterio