Quick guide: How to measure a room for laminate flooring

Calculating how much laminate you’ll need is quick and easy with our online calculator
1: First measure your room(s)
Measure the widest point, across the width and the length. Include any alcoves, doorways and window bays.
Add at least 10% to your measurements to allow for fitting, trimming and any room irregularities.

The amount of laminate you’ll need will be 3.6 metres x 3.4 metres = 12.24m2
2. Now, let’s determine how many packs you’ll need
All laminate flooring is sold in packs which contain varying quantities of planks depending on the product. The sizes of the planks will also vary from product to product. Some may be longer, or wider than others.

To calculate the number of packs you’ll need to buy, simply enter your room measurements into our online calculator, which is shown on each laminate product listing.

The number of packs for that particular product will then be calculated for you.


3. Here are some other things to consider.
Always factor in an additional 10% of product to allow for fitting
Always allow a little extra to allow for variations in room architecture and to ensure you are able to stagger the joins (across the short width of the plank) for the most pleasing effect... and to allow for the occasional trimming error, of course. Extra planks are also useful as spares, should your flooring ever sustain accidental damage.
Check the specifications for further info
On all our listings, if you scroll down you will find all the product specifications. These include the depth, the plank size, the number of planks per pack, plus other information.
How to make your own calculations If you would like to make your own exact calculations, measure the total area of your room(s), as above, then check the product specifications for the pack size of the flooring you wish to order. E.g. If the pack size is 1.9066m2 and your total room area is 15m2, you will need eight packs, plus one extra pack would be advisable to allow for fitting, as mentioned above.
We’re here to help!
If you need help or advice on measuring, or fitting your flooring, remember our experts are always on hand 7-days a week.
Please also see our Laminate flooring fitting guide for further help and advice