Quick guide: How to measure a room for carpet or flooring

Let’s make this quick and easy...
1. Measuring a room

Measure the widest point, across the width and the length. Include any alcoves, doorways and window bays.
Add at least 10 cm to your measurements to allow for fitting, trimming and any room irregularities.

The piece of carpet you require will be 3.6 metres x 3.4 metres

2. Now, let’s determine the best roll width for your room.

You can choose a roll width of either 4 metres or 5 metres for carpet and 2 metres, 3 metres, or 4 metres for vinyl. (Please note, only certain carpets are available in 5 metre widths). The roll width is fixed and cannot be changed.

You can choose a roll length of anything from 1 metre to 30 metres.

For the above room size example you would choose a 4 metre roll width and a roll length of 3.4 metres.

3. Here are some other things to consider

Large rooms may require a join
If your room is larger than 5 metres (carpet), or 4 metres (vinyl) in both length and width, you will need to order two pieces and the flooring will need to be joined. If so, please call us before ordering and we will ensure that both pieces are cut in the correct orientation and pile direction, so that they can be joined correctly.

Most carpets will benefit from underlay both for comfort and increased durability, so factor this in by working out the amount of ‘square metres’ you will require. (Multiply the room length x width, eg. a 4m x 4m room = 16 square metres). Please note: Gel backed carpets and cord carpets do not require an underlay. See underlay listings.

Gripper rods
Gripper rods are required for fitting carpet when using underlay, so if you don’t already have them installed, calculate the number you’ll need by measuring your wall perimeter, taking into account alcoves and window bays. Grippers are fitted with a 10mm gap away from the wall, and are not fitted across door thresholds, so factor this into your measurements. Our carpet Grippers are 1.52m / 5ft in length (10 per pack). See gripper rods listings.

Door bars
For your doorways, you’ll need door bars, suitable for the type of flooring you will be fitting. We have every type available, for fitting carpet to carpet, carpet to vinyl, carpet to tiles and so on. Simply measure the number of doors! See door bar listings.

Measuring stairs and upper landings
Stairs can be tricky to measure, so we recommend contacting our call centre, or a fitter, to help you calculate the correct size, however we do have a Guide to Measuring Stairs for Carpet if you’d like to tackle this yourself. Read the guide, send us your measurements and we’ll calculate the amount of carpet you need.
We’re here to help!

If you need help or advice on measuring, or fitting your carpet, remember our experts are always on hand 7-days a week.