Which Carpet Colours are Best for Your Home?

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You can tell a lot about a person based on how their home looks on the inside. What you hang on the walls, the colour schemes you choose, the furniture you pick, the kind of carpet you lay, and which carpet colours you choose, all reflect you as a person and your personality. This is why it’s important to be clear on a home aesthetic and type of décor so that all elements can coexist harmoniously. A big aspect of this that many neglect is the colour of the carpet. It is, after all, something you’ll see, and walk on, every day!

Which Carpet Colours Are Best for Your Living Room?

The best carpet colours for your home can vary on several factors ranging from the style of the home, the amount of natural light, the size of the room, the existing décor, and, of course, personal preference.

Once you consider these factors, you need to decide whether you want to go for neutral tones like beige, tan, cream, or grey; earth tones like browns, greens and blues; dark colours such as charcoal, navy or deep brown; or bold colours including red, burgundy, teal, etc.

Each carpet colour captures a different atmosphere and has different functions for the room whether you want the room to feel bigger, more relaxed, minimalist and more.

What Colour Carpet Makes a Room Look Bigger?

Lighter colours tend to make a room appear bigger and more spacious. To achieve this look, opt for the likes of:

Light Beige or Cream Carpet

Both beige and cream carpet colours help a room look bigger by reflecting more light, helping to brighten up the space and create a sense of openness. Light grey carpets can also achieve the same feat while adding a modern touch to the décor.

The Revolution Carpet in Light Grey 76 is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable softer look to your grey carpet.

Pale Blue Carpets

Light blue hues can create a sense of airiness and expansiveness, making light blue carpets a good option for smaller rooms

Off-White Carpets

Different to white, off-white or ivory-coloured carpets can help maximise the perception of space in a room without the starkness of pure white. An ivory cream is a great option to achieve a striking yet natural look.

Light taupe or tan

These warm, neutral colours create a sense of warmth and openness, making them very adaptable.

Which Carpet Colours are Best for Bedrooms?

When it comes to bedrooms, comfort is the key consideration. A bedroom should be a place to relax, unwind and ultimately sleep. Here are some popular carpet colours:

    • For a calm space: light beige, cream, soft grey, warm browns, tans, and muted greens
    • For relaxation: powder blue, muted aqua
    • For peaceful sleeping: pale pink, lavender, mint green
    • For intimacy: charcoal, navy blue, rich chocolate brown
    • Carpet Colour Trends for 2024

      As homeowners, we want to stay up to date with the latest designer trends. What’s in? What’s out? It’s an ever-changing landscape, but in 2024 there’s a healthy balance of surprises and timeless classics.


      Neutral colours like beige, taupe and various shades of grey have been popular for years before and will likely continue to shine in 2024. Be wary of colours like greige – a mix of grey and beige – becoming increasingly popular.


      While they’ve not traditionally been the go-to, earthy colours like blues and greens could be popular options for the rest of 2024, promoting the tranquillity of nature.


      If you’re feeling bold, this is the year to express it! Red, burgundy and teal are great ways to inject personality and visual interest into a space.


      Deep blues, charcoal greys, and rich blacks are popular for their ability to add drama and sophistication to a room. This can work for living rooms and bedrooms if you want to promote relaxation and sleep.

      At online carpets, we recommend choosing beige carpets for your next home project. Its versatility and timelessness effortlessly complement many interior styles.

      What Aesthetics is a Beige Carpet Best For?

      There are hundreds of shades and tones of carpet out there, but if you want to get ahead of the curve, beige is the one to try for your next home project.

      Beige carpets are versatile and can complement various aesthetics depending on the design scheme and colour palette of the rest of the home. So, here are some aesthetics that a beige carpet can work well with:

      Minimalist Carpets

      If you’re into a less flashy, simple style, a beige colour carpet is the perfect partner to your home décor. As a neutral colour, beige gives your home a clean and subtle backdrop for simple furniture and decorations, allowing other elements to pop.

      A good option for this is the chic Stone Greige Missouri Saxony carpet. If you’re wondering what greige is, it’s a blend of beige and grey, valued for its versatility and calming hues.

      Scandinavian Style Carpets

      Taking a page out of the minimalism book is the Scandinavian home style – focusing on natural materials and elements, neutral tones, and cosy textiles. For this design, the organic appearance of an oatmeal colour carpet creates the earthy atmosphere that Scandinavian-style décor demands. If you’ve got woody and rustic furniture, a light oatmeal colour would fit seamlessly in the space.

      Coastal Style Carpets

      If you dream of living by the ocean, then you’ve most likely got a coastal-style look to your home. The beach may not be near, so the next best thing is beach-inspired interiors. And one of the main components of a beach is the sand. What better colour than beige? It serves as your natural foundation for a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by soft blues, whites, woven textures and even seashells.

      There are two types you can go for, depending on what kind of beach you decide you want to live on.

      The first is natural-looking sand with specks of colour that resemble shells and little pebbles with the Wild Silk Love Story Carpet Riviera shade. Alternatively, you can go for the Magnificus Invictus Sandcastle 35 if you’re after a more traditional beach style. With more yellow-orange tones, the Sandcastle 35 beige carpet would bring more warmth to the room.

      Classic Carpets

      Beige colour carpets are often associated with timeless elegance, a colour that can work well in classic and traditional interiors. It serves as a fantastic backdrop for rich furniture pieces and intricate decorative details.

      A light beige carpet, like cream, can brighten a room while maintaining an understated look. It’s the perfect carpet colour to create a sense of openness and tranquillity. To achieve this calming ambience, soft cream should be your go-to. Not only does it adhere to the neutrality of the décor of a classic home, but it feels just as soft and cosy as any home should.

      Bohemian Style Carpets

      Not everyone is into minimalism or classic looks for their home, and that’s perfectly fine because beige is a flexible colour that can suit anyone. For the more eclectic and creative types, you’re probably playing around with Bohemian-style interiors. Artistic expression, warm lighting, greenery, and antiquity are part and parcel of what makes a design Bohemian.

      In a space bursting with colour and greenery, it’s key to have a backdrop that balances it all out.

      An almost espresso-like taupe beige carpet would fit flawlessly as an equaliser to the room’s overall style. Riverside Twist Taupe is what you’re looking for. This beautiful, wool carpet is ideal for high-traffic areas as each fibre has a natural ‘spring’ that resists pressure from footfall and keeps your carpet in tip-top shape for longer.

      Whichever style you’re envisioning for your home, there is a beige for you out there. Check out the rest of our beige colour carpets for more inspiration.