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The stunning Magali 96 geometric tile effect vinyl flooring.

This new Presto geometric ceramic-look vinyl range has created a wave of interest with tens of thousands of buyers across the UK flocking to stores to get it fitted in their homes.


This is the new de rigueur of floor coverings, with unique and striking geometric patterns which echo the timeless look of porcelain tiles, but with a new modern twist.


Notable sellers are the Presto Pattern, the Sagres 592 and Sagres 599, the Magali 91Magali 96 and the Felize 595.

The hugely popular Sagres 592

Usually flooring trends tend to move quite slowly, as after all, fitting a new floor can be quite an undertaking, however, these new look Presto's have quickly become top sellers and fitting is a breeze. It’s so easy as a DIY project. You can transform a kitchen, bathroom or hallway in half a day.

And they are not only ‘on point’ in the style stakes either, they are durable, warm to the touch, insulating, waterproof, low maintenance, anti-slip and come with a foam backing for warmth and comfort.

magali 91, geometric vinyl flooring, patterned vinyl flooring, grey vinyl flooring The Magali 91 creates a beautifully authentic look in bathrooms

And, of course, most vinyl flooring is a very affordable option too and this range is no exception. Compared to the huge investment of a ceramic floor, these Presto ranges, give you ‘the look’ for a fraction of the price and they won’t crack when you drop your cast iron Le Creuset on them either!

In short, they tick all the boxes, so it’s no surprise to see sales rocketing. And the good news is, here at Online Carpets, you’ll always find them at the lowest price. Every day. Guaranteed.


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The Feliz 595 combines an array of graphic elements to create an elegant flooring, suitable for many areas of the house; halls, bathrooms, kitchen, utilities...


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