Online Carpets guest stars on The Hotel Inspector

Posted on by Online Carpets

We had the pleasure of having our Franco Carpet featured on the new series of Channel 5's The Hotel Inspector!


Our affordable and stylish Anthracite Franco carpet appeared on Channel 5's The Hotel Inspector.

Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi, visited The Paramount Hotel in Nottingham. After reviewing their rooms and customer feedback, they decided that they needed to add a much needed, modern touch to their rooms.

Alex Polizzi spruced up their flooring with our classic Franco carpet range which created a beautifully simplistic and contemporary look.

Our Franco Carpets are felt backed, which means that when they are being fitted, they won't damage walls or furnishings, making it really easy to fit in any room.

Stay tuned for more Online Carpets TV appearances, as we will be featured on a new episode very soon!

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