Sisal: Hard Wearing, Natural, Modern

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Introducing the natural and modern Sisal range.

Add a stylish touch to your home with this ultra modern and robust carpet, designed to withstand traffic in the busiest areas of your household.


With three varieties available, The Sisal Carpet range has been designed to fit any taste!


The tight weave and wide variety of colours in this range guarantee a match in multiple home interiors. The warm and earthy tones suit classic and modern interiors alike. It effortlessly combines with traditional furniture, and it's rich, natural fibres will offer a stylish contrast to modern furnishings.
The most affordable in our Sisal range, this carpet offers high performance and hard wearing functionality in a diverse range of styles and at a desirable price.


This high end range of Sisal carpets comes in an assortment of warm and rich earthy colours and has a fashionable, tightly weaved herringbone pattern. Similar to the Bouclé range, this carpet will suit traditional and modern homes, and is perfectly suited for the environmentally aware and fans of minimalist design.
We've found that the herringbone pattern is sought after and very popular in a wide range of home designs and is very popular in modern interior design!


Our other high end Sisal carpet gives a thickly weaved appearance and it's versatile natural fibres allows for a subtle and earthy blend in a host of bohemian colours. This carpet appeals to both fashion-conscious and forward-thinking individuals. It has a rustic, yet cosy feel whilst also offering high durability.
This long-lasting and stylish carpet would suit any room and add a touch of sophistication wherever it is fitted.

The Sisal range offers many warm and earthy tones that suit classic and modern interiors alike.

This hard wearing carpet has natural fibres which allows the manufacturer to use a wide variety of coloured dyes, enabling a diverse mix of looks to match multiple design preferences.

Sisal is perfect for the busy city dwellers and the rural, countryside inhabitants. It offers style, satisfaction and durability.

Often fitted on stairs and corridors, sisal carpets are ideal for anyone wanting a long lasting carpet.

It's made of fibres from the agave plant; a hardy, resilient shrub that grows in warm, arid environments. The extremely durable fibres are used in a variety of applications, and the highest quality fibres are selected for use in these carpets. The way that the fibres are woven together means that when cutting the edges of the carpet, it can slightly fray or loosen. Often we fit these carpets with wooden beading around the edges of the room to give a clean finish.

The latex backing can be glued directly on to a level floor, or can be glued on top of underlay that has also been glued down. You can use an easy to use spray or a tub of liquid adhesive, these liquid tackifiers make it easy for you to use and also gives a firmer and long lasting stick. These help with the overall lifespan of the carpet, as the natural fibres in the carpet may expand and contract in different temperatures.

We recommend a 24 hour 'breathing' period before fitting, for each carpet in this range.

Remove all packaging and leave the carpet rolled up in the room that it's going to be fitted in, enabling the natural fibres in the carpet to acclimatise to the room's regular temperature and environment, this allows the fibres to expand and contract, making it easier to glue down and fit. These steps helps to increase your carpets lifetime.

The Sisal carpet range is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and wool, and offers all the comfort of man-made materials with the added bonus of being better for the environment.

In a variety of colours, this carpet is a popular choice amongst interior designers and is sure to appeal to people from all walks of life.

Order your free sample today to see the unique qualities of Sisal carpets for yourself!

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