Immersive Touch-Screen Floors

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The installation of electronic floor sensors are turning entire rooms into immersive touch-screens!


Researchers have created a large area sensor operating system for under your floor. SensFloor by Future Shape, will revolutionise underfloor technology and has the capabilities of transforming industries such as hospitals and nursing homes to make them safer and more efficient for their patients.

SensFloor is capable of switching on lights, controlling automatic doors and detecting unauthorised intrusion.

When used in health care environments, SensFloor can detect patients leaving their beds or rooms and then transmits alarm signals through indoor call systems or radio components. For high-security applications SensFloor is also able to count individual people.

The intelligent sensor system can differentiate between a person standing up or lying down on the floor. It's also able to determine the direction and velocity of movements.

It can also detect when your feet touch the floor and is able to turn on the lights. No more stubbing your toe and fumbling for the light switch when you get out of bed!

This range of underfloor sensors by Future Shape is not yet commercially available. When it is available, this new flooring system will bring fantastic commercial benefits.

SensFloor can be installed beneath PVC, carpet, and laminate, making it compatible with a wide range of types and styles of flooring.

This underfloor sensory system can also be used for home and business security. It could even be used to analyse how long a customer stands in front of a display. It seems that this underfloor technology could change homes and businesses forever, and remodel the way we decorate and monitor our spaces.

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