Open Plan Flooring Guide

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Open plan areas offer up a sense of spaciousness and can make a real statement across rooms and households. However, getting the ideal look without making it seem too cold or impractical can be a little tricky without guidance. In many new builds open plan is now the norm, this means that combined kitchen and living spaces are often wood, laminate or vinyl throughout whereas traditionally they would be carpeted in the living areas. Whether cooking or entertaining, an open-plan space can be a real winner, so here are some ideas on how to make the most of the flooring for it.

The Best Flooring for Open Plan Spaces

When looking at flooring choices for an open plan space, keeping the same type and style throughout is probably the best idea to keep the aesthetic of a flowing open space rather than individual areas. Many people consider hardwood flooring for its luxurious and natural feel. Still, because it tends to scuff and scratch, it can become more worn and tired-looking in heavy traffic areas of an open plan space.

Laminate flooring is a prevalent choice for open plan kitchens and living areas because of its durability and versatility. Easy to install and maintain, it’s resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, and can be cleaned with little to no fuss. It also imitates the look and feel of hardwood flooring well so is a cheaper, more efficient alternative.

Vinyl is also a great choice for open plan kitchen flooring and other areas where moisture and spills are likely to occur. More water resistant than laminate, it can also have a wood or stone effect overlaid to give a striking and classy visual appeal.

How Do You Style an Open Floor Plan?

Everyone has their own unique tastes, and the interior design of your home is a very personal thing. However, there are, perhaps, a few key things to remember when styling on open plan space.

Maintain the Flow

For a consistent feel and flow, try not to break up the space into separate areas too much. Keep a similar colour palette throughout, ideally more neutral to make it easier to accessorise, and draw the eye with the flooring. Common colours will help give a timeless, multipurpose ambience.

Herringbone vinyl flooring works well in such instances as it can enhance the sense of flow and directional value with its arrow-like aesthetic. It provides a bit of visual variation whilst also giving a clean, natural look with the easy-to-maintain nature of vinyl built in.

Keep It Natural

Stone and wood looks create a biophilic feel, meaning that they bring more of a natural aesthetic to indoor spaces whilst still maintaining all the mod cons of modern life. In open plan rooms, they lend to that sense unobstructed of space and light that is the goal of these spaces.

However, these options can be costly so stone effect laminate or wood effect laminate are a magnificent alternative with their hardy construction and impressive imitation of styles. Tile effect vinyl can also create an impressive, Mediterranean vibe but with a quicker installation time with long-lasting durability. 

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