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Introducing the new iSense range from Associated Weavers.

Change the way you decorate your home by experiencing this new, super soft, luxury carpet range.


Available in two sub-ranges, iSense is designed to suit every room in your home.


Surround yourself with the high performance comfort and satisfaction in the iSense Splendour carpet range. The most affordable of the two iSense carpets, it offers the exact same luxury and feel as the high-end Serenity range, the only difference is that is has a shorter twist pile.
The silky appearance and velvety smooth texture ensures style as well as softness. The ultra soft pile is made from a polyamide material, using a new manufacturing technique. It also has a new backing which combines the resilience of hessian with a soft felt lining. This Fusion back enables it to be easily fitted, without any stress or worry of damaging the walls whilst fitting.
This carpet would be perfect for any room, but would particularly suit a living room, bedroom or hallway.

Click here to view the full iSense Splendour range.


Our most luxurious carpet to date, this really is comfort defined. Serenity from Associated Weavers, is made using a brand new process that makes it feel so soft and fluffy, you'll constantly be walking around your house barefoot to fully enjoy it's potential. Not only is this carpet our softest carpet yet, but it's also incredibly hard-wearing and versatile.
Along with the Splendour range, it has a fusion back, this backing adds extra strength and durability to your carpet. This luxurious carpet would suit almost any room, but would be ideal in a living room or bedroom, somewhere to really appreciate the soft feel on your feet.

Click here to view the full iSense Serenity range.

After being handed these samples, I really couldn't believe that carpets could be this soft. Available in a wide range of stylish colours, it's suitable for all furnishings and décor.

When the time comes to redecorate, the iSense Serenity range is certainly going to be something for me to consider.

I still can't resist running my fingers through the ultra soft fibres and enjoying this new and exciting feel.

Don't just take my word for it, contact us today for a FREE sample of this range!

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