Euros 2024: New Football Pitch Carpets to bring it home

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As millions across the country start to chant “It’s coming home”, the time has returned for England to make their mark in the football world.

To celebrate the start of The 2024 European Football Championship - better known as The Euros - Online Carpets have launched new football pitch carpets and rugs to make a striking statement in your home.

Check them out below and Pick-ford out your favourites!

Now all your matches can be played at your home ground

Living rooms have been the home of football for many fans across the globe, with millions meeting up at one another's houses to watch games since the dawn of televised football.

So why not take your viewing experience one step further with our new football pitch rug?

Featuring a full pitch layout and a geometric green grass-like border, the ‘Pickford-Plush’ rug is sure to be a fan favourite, and truly ensure that football is coming home in your own home - just make sure you aren't offside!

For larger living rooms, why not take a look at our new extended football pitch rug?

With a larger surface area, the ‘James Mat-ison’ rug is a perfect midfielder for wider living spaces, to really make you feel like you’re on the pitch with the players, giving you plenty of room to Walk-er on.

Create your very own ‘Theatre of Dreams’

Whilst many might prefer talks of football to stay out of the bedroom, some football fanatics may opt to literally live, breathe and SLEEP football.

Our new football pitch bedroom rug, known as the ‘Ga-Rug Southgate’ can add the perfect pop of colour to your bedroom - for both children and adults alike!
With anti-slip features, you’ll also be sure to never Trip-pier over and fall like a Saka potatoes!

However, you might need to have a word with the ref in your home before adding this decor to a shared space - having said that, we believe that these V.A.R’s (very athletic rugs!) are something everyone wanting to embrace this year's tournament will get behind.

Want to purchase one of our Football Rugs?

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