Bold Flooring Ideas to Revamp Any Room

Posted on by Online Carpets

Bringing bright and bold flooring ideas into the home can feel like a risk. You want something that stands out yet isn’t too jarring or garish in a space you live in. Underfoot materials can set the tone for a room so getting the right flooring can be important to tailoring a specific aesthetic.

There are a full range of options for flooring which can help bring the right atmosphere to a room. From carpet to laminate, vinyl to rugs, we look at how you can bring that extra bit of character to any area with choices for any budget

How Do I Choose a Floor Pattern?

Choosing a floor pattern that stands out but isn’t too harsh on the eye may seem like a challenge to some but if you aim for something that doesn’t appear too cluttered, you’re already onto a winner. Make sure the colour shades match together so the room doesn’t appear disjointed and ensure the planks or tiles of the pattern run in the same direction as the room’s longest wall. So, if the room is rectangular, make sure the long side of the plank or tile runs parallel to the longest wall.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) lend themselves to creating bold designs because of their tessellated nature and patterns that draw the eye. LVT is hardwearing and easy to install too, with two types that have different, yet simple, installation methods. Dryback LVT needs adhesive to stick each plank together, while Click LVT clicks into place like laminate flooring. You can use adhesive for extra security with Click LVT if you want.

If you don’t want to go down the route of creating patterns yourself, you can always opt for already patterned carpet or patterned vinyl. You can get a punchy look to your flooring without the hassle of having to organise your own patterns from our exciting selections of beautiful and hardwearing choices.

What is The Best Flooring to Brighten a Room?

Lighter tones can create a sense of airy and spacious ambiance but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for an entirely neutral look. You can still get an uplifting and more interesting look with tile effect laminate flooring or tile effect vinyl. You can curate a cultured and roomy feel, featuring interesting patterns, without breaking the bank. Despite its luxurious feel stone or tile can be cold and hard, and prohibitively expensive and so laminates and vinyl offer up a warm and hardy alternative. Cost-effective too, affordable luxury underfoot can come in all shapes and styles.

Are Grey Floors Going Out of Style?

Does this mean that grey flooring is going out of style? In recent years, soft greys and neutral tones have come to the fore in flooring and interior design but does this shift to bolder designs mean these are now on the way out? Well, in short, absolutely not!

In fact, you can still get fun and exciting styles with this soft shade on vinyl, like the Pembroke Rimini Vinyl which has a gorgeous and bright hexagonal pattern that brings a touch of character to any space whilst still being resilient and cost-effective. This is just one example of our many chic grey vinyls.

There has been a subtle shift towards more neutral tones with more combination of grey and beige carpet colourings occurring to provide a softer offset to just solid greys throughout the house whilst still maintaining a gentle pallet that can be boldly maximised through furniture and art.

Grey carpets also remain popular, with choices like the Celestial Cloud 90 California Dreams Carpet that has a quirky leaf pattern ingrained into it, you can still get the essence of brightness from this light carpet with an added touch of flair.