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Designed to impress, this Stockholm 592 Presto Vinyl Flooring adds a superb wood effect to any home. Easy to fit and simple to clean, this vinyl roll flooring is a fantastic combination of style and practicality.

Its light grey hue makes this vinyl a fantastic partner for a wide range of room style and colours. The lifelike pattern features a realistic grain and join that created the effect of 16.6cm x 120cm planks across your floor. A matt finish and R10 slip resistant surface and the final touches to this lino and its timeless appearance.

Enjoy a more comfortable feel underfoot with this lino’s 2.6mm foam backing adding cushioning. A water resistant 0.2mm wear layer allows you to fit this vinyl everywhere from living rooms and dining rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. This vinyl flooring comes in a roll which can be cut to fit your room's exact shape. 

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