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    Online Carpets want your ordering and buying experience to be smooth and easy, as well as giving you the perfect flooring. We understand the varied tastes in today's homes, giving you a huge amount of options and inspirations to peruse.
  • Vacuuming up a fortune!

    The San Francisco mint opened in 1854 to serve the gold mines of the California Rush and transform the mined gold in to coins. Quickly, a strange annual tradition took hold, making sure every particle of gold dust was salvaged.
  • Online Carpets Facebook

    We have updated our Online Carpets Facebook page. Check it out for exclusive status updates, competitions and offers!
  • Enhanced Online Carpets Dispatch Facilities

    We have increased our efficiency in order to meet the needs of all of our customers. We can now dispatch and send orders more quickly and efficiently because of the recent improvements we have made to our dispatch facility.

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